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He’s standing next to Uhura in this scene but he’s looking at Jim.


You’re in love with him, and he’s in love with you, and it’s like a goddamn tragedy, because you look at him and see the stars, and he looks at you and sees the sun. And you both think the other is just looking at the ground.


Honestly, I’m really only interested in soulmate AUs with alternative plots.

I don’t really care about person A and person B who have each other’s names on their wrists and find each other and live happily ever after. I care about a culture where people don’t bother forming romantic relationships with anyone other than their soulmate, where they finally find their soulmate and realize they don’t know how to handle the ups and downs of a relationship.

I care about people who fall in love with someone who isn’t their soulmate and aren’t willing to leave.

I care about queer people who are outed by the names on their arms, about trans people who spend their whole lives worrying that their birth name will be on their soulmate’s arm, then sobbing in relief when it’s not.

I care about people in poly relationships and how that looks.

I care about asexual aromantic people who have a name anyway and wonder if they’re broken or if it’s the platonic soulmate they’ve always wanted.

I care about people who Google their soulmate and are disappointed by what they find. I care about the private detective agencies that rake in cash to help people find their soulmates. I care about the ways non-soulmate couples are discriminated against, from disapproving grandmas to insurance companies that won’t insure someone’s spouse unless they’re their soulmate. I care about teenagers who are devastated that their celebrity crush isn’t their soulmate and what happens when the media discovers a young, unknown person whose soulmate is hugely famous.

I care about the people who never meet their soulmates, whose soulmates died young, whose soulmates have another name on their arms.

I care about the ways that this is a broken system, how it fucks people up, how it doesn’t guarantee a happy ending and how people find their happy endings anyway.

Mitchell in deleted/extended scenes

↳ "You think I’m cool?"

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ORIGINS: The Warden

  1. Character names, appearance and respective origins. 
    Fitz, slim elf with the best eyebrows you have ever seen, Circle Tower.
  2. Class?
    Mage always.
  3. What’s their personality like?
    Fitz is nice enough, sometimes he tends to be rough when people are being stubborn when they’re in danger. 
  4. What does The Warden do for fun?
    He relaxes with his dog, Jemma and Alistar at camp.
  5. How do they feel about becoming a warden?
    He’s proud of himself. He’s glad he finally got our of the tower, and he feels that he is better suited to being a Warden than being a mage stuck in the tower.
  6. How do they fill into their leadership role? Do they come to it naturally, or does it take them time?
    It took Fitz only until Redcliffe to step up and really become a leader. Seeing all of the undead creatures there really changed him.
  7. What was their usual team to take into battle. Why?
    Alistair, Leliana, and Wynne. It’s important for Fitz to go into battle with the people he is closest to. Alistair, his love interest, Leliana, his best friend and someone he looks up to, and Wynne, his mentor and mother-figure, because he never had one.
  8. What was their weapon/magic of choice. Why?
    Fitz uses shapeshifting a lot, becoming a bigger target to take some of the grunt of the battle off of his companions.
  9. Who in the group was their best friend? Enemy? How did they feel about the others.
    Fitz chooses his companions very carefully. Leliana is his best friend, both staying up late into the night around the fire talking and wondering together. Fitz was close to each of his companions, loving them all for their individual talents.
  10. Who is their romance option/significant other?
    Fitz significant other is Alistair. (Thank you Equal Love mod.)
  11. Did your Warden end up dying, or living?
    Fitz talked about the dark ritual in depth with Alistair, and in the end Alistair decided that he would do it in order to protect them both. 
  12. Were they a part of Amaranthine Keep (Awakening)?
    Fitz was a big part of the Amaranthine keep.
  13. If not dead, what happens to The Warden preceding these events?
    When Alistair became king, Fitz ruled alongside him for a very long time. Becoming the first two kings to rule over Ferelden was a big deal for them both, and the people of Ferelden looked up to them both.

DRAGON AGE 2: The Champion

  1. Hawke’s name, appearance and respective class?
    Simon. Default appearance because damn. Mage always.
  2. Red, Blue, Purple? Mix?
  3. What does Hawke do for fun?
    Anders is always looking for help in his clinic, so Hawke would spend his free time helping patients and spending time with Anders.
  4. What was your Hawke’s relations with their family? Good, Bad?
    Simon tried to keep a good relationship with his brother, but his brother was so stubborn in his views sometimes that he couldn’t. He and his mother had a good relationship, and Simon would make time to talk with her about almost every aspect of his life.
  5. Hawke’s favourite weapon/magic and why?
    Hawke was very partial to Stone Fist, sending enemies hurting Anders flying across the battleground. 
  6. Is their home Kirkwall or Lothering, or neither at all.Why?
    Neither at all. Hawke considered himself homeless for a long time. Until he met Anders, that is. Everything in his life fell into place when he asked Anders to join the group. He would go to Anders to talk about anything, and when his mother died Anders was there to hold him when Hawke needed him. 
  7. What was your Hawke’s relationship with the group?
    Simon, like Fitz, choose his companions very carefully. If he didn;t trust them he wouldn’t have chosen to take them along. 
  8. Who does Hawke typically take to battle with them?
    Hawke’s battle group consisted of Anders, Isabela, and Fenris.
  9. Who is their romance option/significant other?
    Simon’s significant other is Anders.
  10. What happened to the remaining twin?
    Carver joined the Templars, but rejoined Hawke after the destruction of the Qunari rebellion.
  11. Did they side with the Templars or Mages?
    Mages, because Hawke reluctantly agrees with them. Also because Anders.
  12. What happened to Hawke preceding all of the events of the game?
    Hawke travelled far away with Anders, enjoying life and staying away from trouble.
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ORIGINS: The Warden

  1. Character names, appearance and respective origins. (Backstory and more elaboration on their personal origin is optional)
  2. Class?
  3. What’s their personality like?
  4. What does The Warden do for fun?
  5. How do they feel about becoming a warden?
  6. How do they fill…


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Jemma Simmons Week:

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Hey, you see that cat? He’s mine, his name is Mocha, he and his two brothers are rescues. I love them to death, as does the rest of my family. But, apparently, all that Animal Control wants is their death.

See, we have cat doors, so our furry friends come and go. Lots of families in the neighborhood do it; our cats are neutered, vaccinated, and friendly, so there’s no reason not to.

Now, let me ask a question: Do you keep your cats on leashes? Most people don’t. But my neighbor decided that all of the neighborhood cats were too annoying, so she called Animal Control to report that cats were “not leashed.” Apparently, yes, cats should be kept on leashes in yards, according to local regulations.

Sumner County Animal Control decided the best way to fix this is to set traps for cats and send them to a shady kill shelter. This is outright dangerous in the summer heat to leave cats trapped for hours at a time without water. Trapped cats will be sent to this “shelter” and owners will not be notified, even if a cat is collared. 

The shelter charges a hundred dollars to retrieve a pet, and the Gallatin shelter is known for bad conditions and putting animals to sleep before the standard wait time. To boot, they came and told us all of this in front of my five-year-old sister, who loves these cats more than anything. She’s now in tears and inconsolable, and afraid that her best friend are going to be trapped and murdered just for doing what cats do.

Please help me save the local cats and sign this petition:

Your support is needed and appreciated, please let Sumner County know that this is cruel and unfair treatment of innocent animals. Please reblog & share.



What vines are like in japan

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